Stray Kids’ 3RACHA As “One Piece” Characters, According To Bang Chan

All three of the members fit a character perfectly.

Since Stray Kids‘ producing team 3RACHA has such unique personalities and powerful skills, there are many famous trios they have a lot in common with. Because most of the members like the anime One Piece, Bang Chan revealed which character matched with each of the three members.

3RACHA | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

1. Han

When it came to the youngest member of 3RACHA, there was no debate on which character matched Han.

Han | @realstraykids/Instagram

Bang Chan didn’t hesitate when reading a comment asking, “Luffy is Han?” He agreed wholeheartedly.

Not understanding how anyone could miss the resemblance, Bang Chan asked, “Can’t you just see it?

He could fill in for Luffy anytime because of Han’s habits, bright smile, and dark hair.

Monkey D. Luffy | @MugiwaraMirko/Twitter

2. Changbin

As sure as Bang Chan was of Han’s One Piece match, he didn’t hesitate to name Changbin’s.

Changbin | @Stray_Kids/Instagram

If Han was Luffy, it made perfect sense that Changbin would be one of his closest friends. Bang Chan said, “Ace is Changbin.

From Ace’s strength alone, Bang Chan’s choice for Changbin resonated with fans who thought the same.

Portgas D. Ace | Fuji TV

3. Bang Chan

After naming Luffy and Ace as part of the trio, Bang Chan’s character that he matched up with himself shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Bang Chan

Thinking back on his bleached hair, Bang Chan said, “And then Sabo is kind of like when I was blond. I think I felt like I resembled him a lot then.

From Bang Chan’s description, Sabo seems like a good match when rocking his previous hair color.

Sabo | @ToeiAnimation/Twitter

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