These Are The 7 Best Stray Kids’ Music Videos, According To The Members

Which would you pick?

Stray Kids have a long list of visually appealing music videos that feature powerful and memorable songs. It’s hard to pick just one.

Stray Kids’ Changbin, Han, Felix, Lee Know, Hyunjin, I.N, Seungmin, Bang Chan (left to right, top to bottom) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Stray Kids were recently asked to each pick their favorite music video from their own discography. Here’s what each member said.

1. “God’s Menu”

Bang Chan chose the iconic “God’s Menu” for the impact it had on the group’s trajectory.

Everything was just really, really perfect. Like the transitions, the performance, the choreography, the visuals. And the overall impact that “God’s Menu” had, it was a really, really big turning point for Stray Kids, in my opinion. I think the boys feel the same, as well.

— Bang Chan


Lee Know picked their most recent title track “MANIAC,” which prompted members to tease him for his ending scene.

I think we’ve been able to show sides of us that we previously haven’t shown before, which I really love because I think it feels new.

— Lee Know

While Felix initially thought about picking “God’s Menu” due to how it showed Stray Kids’ color, he ultimately agreed with Lee Know, largely in part to how it showed interesting camera work and how it sets the tone for what’s to come.

But looking at “MANIAC,” there are so many transitions and the camera angles that really express our lyrics, our song … in so many ways. So looking at that, I feel like this really gave a new peak of what Stray Kids is for 2022. I think it’s a very good start, and also this whole new concept of “MANIAC” also gave off a really new vibe for Stays and everyone around the world.

— Felix

3. “Freeze”

For Changbin, the b-side “Freeze” deserves recognition. He likes the way he looks in the music video… and we can’t blame him! His exact words were, “Because I like my suit in it.” 

Bang Chan added that Changbin really suits the detective look.

4. “Thunderous”

Hyunjin went with the track “Thunderous,” and said, “Because it was cool” how all of the scenes represented Korean tradition.

Hyunjin especially liked the last part of the video where all of the members are together. Bang Chan revealed that they all got goosebumps watching that scene for the first time.

5. “Back Door”

Han‘s favorite is “Back Door” because of the transitions, clothes, and choreo.

All the scene transition, scene transition was great. And our clothes… The scene where everyone dances together really makes my heart swell. The choreography was also awesome. The song and every scene within this music video, really, makes me continuously feel excited.

— Han

6. “TOP”

According to Seungmin, the music video for their Japanese song “TOP” deserves praise.

Seungmin said, “It has a great style and great scenes. We acted with a wire. It has a lot of special scenes…” 

It was the group’s first time tackling that type of filming, so it was fun for them to try.

7. “ALL IN”

I.N’s pick was their music video for their Japanese song “ALL IN.”

I.N chose it because, “The concept was really fun and fresh to do.”

The members enjoyed the cops and robbers concept of the video, but noted that filming with fire in the background was really hot.


Source: YouTube

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