Stray Kids Adds New “MANIAC” World Tour Dates: Here Are 8 TikToks Fans Are Watching To Celebrate

Stray Kids’ funny and heartwarming TikTok videos are sure to hype you up for their two new world tour dates.

On April 22nd, tickets for Stray Kids’ 2022 “MANIAC” World Tour sold out in the blink of an eye. But don’t fret, two additional concert dates in Newark and Los Angeles have been added! Whether you already secured your seats, want to get hyped for the second day of ticket sales on April 25th, or just want to appreciate the eight-member group, let’s take a look at Stray Kids’ most iconic and funny TikTok videos to celebrate!

Stray Kids currently has two TikTok channels: one main channel and another for their Japan-specific promotions. Each channel has a variety of content ranging from promotional videos, dance challenges, as well as some comedic sketches. Here are a few that are sure to brighten your day and excite you for their upcoming tour.

1. Felix’s iconic groovy hip moves

Felix‘s flexible and amplified hip circles, along with his long golden hair and bright smile caught the attention of K-Pop fans and non-fans alike.


Can’t stop vibing❤️ #straykids #felix #stay 🤍

♬ Let’s Groove – absolutesnacc

2. Who’s got the “Cutest Pet on the Internet”? STAY have PuppyM!

Both STAY and Stray Kids themselves have likened member Seungmin‘s face and smile to that of an adorable puppy.


The Cutest #StrayKids #STAY #CutestPet

♬ Cutest Pet on the Internet – Alto Key | Indie Artist

Seungmin even named his representative SKZOO character mascot, PuppyM, referencing his puppy-like image.

SKZOO PuppyM | Stray Kids Official/YouTube

3. Hyunjin and I.N’s twist ending may make you laugh, blush or both 

What starts as a cute pose between Hyunjin and I.N turns to a surprising ending.


ラブストーリーは突然に〜♬STAY!心の準備はいいですか?👨‍❤️‍👨 #StrayKids #スキズ #Hyunjin #I_N #ALLIN #LoveStory

♬ Love Story – Disco Lines

Bet you weren’t expecting those on-beat hip thrusts!

4. Lee Know lurks in the shadows to give Bang Chan and STAY a shock!

Set during Stray Kids’ “Back Door” promotions, don’t get jump scared by Lee Know knocking at the door like Bang Chan does.


Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈)의 관계자가 되고 싶다면⁉ #BackDoorChallenge #백도어챌린지 함께해요! 🚫관계자 외 출입금지🚫🤫 #BackDoor #백도어 #BangChan #LeeKnow #방찬 #리노

♬ Back Door #2 – 스트레이 키즈

5. Changbin and Felix’s stunning dance moves are definitely not a “Coincidance”

Felix and Changbin take on the popular “Coincidance” dance challenge. Felix even nails lifting up Changbin in the ending move.


WOW You can really dance 🐷🐇VS🐥 結構やるじゃん❓ 12月のスペシャルギフト❗️😆 チャギヤ(STAY)年末まで毎日投稿するね🎉 #StrayKids #スキズ #스트레이키즈 #STAY #チャンビン #Changbin #フィリックス #Felix

♬ Coincidance – Handsome Dancer

6. Seungmin and HAN wow us with their sharp MANIAC choreography

Stray Kids loves to post TikTok videos of their choreography in duos to promote their latest releases. To promote “MANIAC”, members Seungmin and HAN show off the key dance moves in sleek black outfits.


나사🔩 빠진 것처럼 미쳐 #MANIAC 🎶 핑🌀핑💫 #MANIACchallenge #매니악챌린지 #HAN #Seungmin #한 #승민 #StrayKids #스트레이키즈

♬ MANIAC – Stray Kids

7. Bang Chan and I.N’s take on Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s comedic Grace Kelly “MIKA” cover 

After Stray Kids’ Deadpool themed performance during the Kingdom: Legendary War competition in 2021, Deadpool lead actor, Ryan Reynolds has formed a close supportive relationship with the group.

Ryan Reynolds holds a signed bottle dedicated to Bang Chan | @VancityReynolds/Twitter

Here Bang Chan and I.N make their own version of one of Reynold’s most viewed TikTok videos.


Nailed it? #StrayKids #STAY #RyanReynolds #HappyBirthday

♬ original sound – Ryan Reynolds

8. Last but not least, here is Stray Kids “Defense Force” hopping in to make us laugh!

Here, all eight members show off their goofy sides as a team as they attempt the “Earth Defense Force” challenge.


가즈아 #straykids #love #stay

♬ Earth Defense Force – Emetsound

You can view more of Stray Kids’ TikTok videos on their two channels: @jypestraykids and @straykids_japan.

Tickets for the additional Newark and Los Angeles dates of the 2022 “MANIAC” World Tour will go on sale April 25th at 3:00pm local time. The Newark show will be held on June 28th and the Los Angeles show will be held on July 10th. Concert dates are currently announced for cities in South Korea, Japan, and the United States, but more locations will be added in the future.

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