Stray Kids Felix’s Hair Color Evolution Is As Iconic As He is

Felix can really pull off everything!

Stray KidsFelix is known for his cute, boyish visuals, and is also famous among fans for having his hair dyed for every single comeback, ever since the group’s debut! His hair color evolution is top-tier, and you will be shook at how he manages to pull off each color beautifully!

1. “Hellevator”


2. “District 9”


3. “My Pace”


4. “I Am You”


5. “Miroh”


6. “Side Effects”


7. “Double Knot”


8. “Astronaut”


9. “Levanter”


10. “Mixtape: Gone Days”


11. “Mixtape: On Track”


12. “Unveil: Blueprint”

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“God’s Menu”

Stray Kids