Stray Kids’ Felix Is Secretly An Anime Character And Here’s Proof

How is it even possible to be this handsome?

Stray Kids’ Felix has often been praised for his ethereal visuals. With his adorable freckles and radiant smile, Felix has the power to brighten up any room! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Felix’s looks have often been likened to anime characters.

Recently with the power of Artbreeder, an AI art generator app, more and more real-life mockups of popular anime characters have spread across the internet – some of which resemble Felix almost too much!

Here is proof that Stray Kids’ Felix is, in fact, an anime character:

1. Felix as Lev Haiba from Haikyuu!!

Starting off, we have Felix’s near-identical twin from the volleyball anime Haikyuu!! Not only is their silver hair matching, but the intense gaze in their eyes is enough to draw anyone in!

Felix (Left) and Lev (Right) | Vogue & @AKA4SH1/Twitter

2. Felix as Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Next we have Felix’s doppelganger Izuku, the adored main character from hit TV show My Hero Academia. Their fluffy hair as well as prominent freckles are simply to die for!

Felix (Left) and Izuku (Right) | @sonalir177/Artbreeder

3. Felix as Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

With hair as cold as ice, Ken from Tokyo Ghoul radiates the same calm, cool, and collected expression as Felix!

Felix (Left) and Ken (Right) | last fantasy & @artbreeder_anime/Instagram

4. Felix as Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer

Finally, we have Felix’s Demon Slayer counterpart Tanjiro. Their wavy reddish hair in addition to their determined brown eyes are so similar. All Felix needs is the Demon Slayer Mark!

Felix (Left) and Tanjiro (Right) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter & @Leomit2605/Reddit

Which Felix lookalike is your favorite?






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