These 20 Hilarious “Stray Kids But Everyone Is” Memes Are Making The Rounds On Social Media

K-Pop fans are having fun with this meme trend!

A new meme trend has been making the rounds on Twitter for various K-Pop groups, such as BTS. The “____ but everyone is” meme involves making a collage of all the members of a group, with each member representing something of a certain topic that best shows their personality. Stray Kids fans seem to have hopped on the bandwagon for this trend, so here are 20 of the funniest and cutest memes that STAYs have made!

1. This one is so cute!

2. And this one is even cuter!

3. Felix can perfectly emulate each of his fellow members!

4. The “pregnant pose” is spreading!

5. This one is just downright creative 😂

6. Felix isn’t the only one who can act like every member!

7. These are just too accurate 😂

8. It’s like people intentionally dressed him up as each member!

9. And yet another member gets added to the list with the help of filters 😂

10. The pet ones have to be the best.

11. This one is… Interesting.

12. Here’s another adorable one!

13. The 3RACHA one on this is perfect.

14. This one is going to be a classic.

15. Who knew Taylor Swift could mimic so many K-Pop idols?

16. The ones made from fellow members are always so spot-on.

17. Cute clay animals can express so much.

18. More cute animals!!

19. The gifs in this one make it even better!

20. And finally, we could definitely see each member owning their respective book in this image 😂

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