Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Brings The Dark Side Of These 7 Disney Royals To Life

Welcome to the dark side.

Stray KidsHyujin is famous for his nickname Prince Hyujin, thanks to his otherwordly beauty and insane charisma. While Hyunjin has a sweet and goofy personality, when he’s on stage, a whole new persona takes over. Here are seven times Hyunjin brought out the dark side of these classic Disney royals.


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1. Prince Eric

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Hyunjin would be Prince Eric if Ursula were a rival mafia boss.

2. Prince Florian

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On stage, the only thing these two princes have in common is the red cape. Off stage, though, they’re both the sweetest.

3. Prince Philip

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The way Philip throws the sword is the way Hyunjin strikes everyone through the heart with his fiery performance.

4. Elsa

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He may be a king and not a queen, but both Elsa and Hyunjin have the power to freeze everyone with their strength and charisma.

5. Snow White

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Not just a twist in gender, but it’s also a twist on the colors: snow-white skin, ebony clothes, and bright red hair.

6. Prince Charming

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It only takes one look for fans to be completely charmed.


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7. The Beast

While he’s more of a wolf than a beast in this performance, there’s no difference in the dangerous allure that Hyunjin and Prince Adam from Beauty and The Beast have.

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They also share the same long brown locks and heartstopping handsomeness.

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