Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Felix Prove They’re The Softest Duo With These 10 Moments From Their Recent Live

Putting them in a room together guarantees happiness.

Stray KidsHyunjin and Felix recently held a TikTok live together, much to the delight of fans. When these two are together, the vibes are always immaculate.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin (left) and Felix (right) | @realstraykids/Instagram

1. There’s something about this duo

As Stray Kids’ resident TikTok expert, fans have been waiting for Felix’s next live stream on the platform. It was a happy surprise, however, when Hyunjin decided to join in on the fun.

2. The “Jiggle Jiggle” challenge

Fans were thrilled when the pair decided to partake in the “Jiggle Jiggle” TikTok challenge, which is currently taking the K-Pop world by storm, even though Hyunjin is known not to be the fondest person of the app.

3. They’re so cute

Whenever this duo’s together, there’s bound to be some clinginess. Fans can tell how comfortable they are, and they’re cute as well!

4. Hyunjin’s reaction to “Traitor”

For much of the live, Felix and Hyunjin listened to music. One of the songs was “Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo. It had Hyunjin, who had never heard it, entirely in his feelings.

5. Felix’s music

Felix was happy when he found songs that Hyunjin also liked, proud to be sharing them with his groupmate.

6. Song recommendations

Speaking of songs, both Hyunjin and Felix were able to show off their taste in music during the live. It’s a sweet list for a lovely duo.

7. They’re so clingy

For this pair, physical contact is no issue. Fans thought it was so cute how they comfortably sat with each other.

8. Always helpful

Hyunjin, who has mentioned how much he likes the movie adaptation of Pride And Prejudice, struggled with the difficult pronunciation of the title. Luckily native Engish speaker Felix was there to help him out.

9. Their many facial expressions

Hyunjin and Felix showcased their many facial expressions throughout the live: unhappiness from listening to sad music and joy from enjoying talking to STAYs.

10. It was everything

The fans, Hyunjin, and Felix all seemed to enjoy the live stream equally. STAYs are already for another from these two. They’re just that great together!

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