Here Are The Line Distributions For All 17 Songs On Stray Kids’ “In Life” Album

The member with the most lines has twice as many as the member with the least.

Stray Kids had a record year when it comes to sales. Between Go Live and the repackaged version of the album, In Life, the still-young boy group made a total of over 760k album sales!

With this talented group growing in popularity, it can be interesting to see how evenly the lines are typically distributed among the members, and whether or not they’re all getting an even amount of lines.

Here are the line distributions for all 17 songs on their In Life album, as well as the total percentage of lines each member has on the album overall.

1. “The Tortoise and the Hare”

2. “Back Door”

3. “B Me”

4. “Any”

5. “Ex”

6. “We Go”

7. “WOW”

8. “My Universe”

9. “God’s Menu”

10. “Easy”

11. “Pacemaker”

12. “Airplane”

13. “Another Day”

14. “Phobia”

15. “Blueprint”

16. “Ta”

17. “Haven”


Most lines: Han (16.2%)

2nd: Seungmin (16.1%)

3rd: Bang Chan (15.8%)

4th: Lee Know (11.8%)

5th: Changbin (11.7%)

6th: Felix (10.5%)

7th: I.N (9.9%)

8th: Hyunjin (8%)

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