Here’s An In-Depth Look At Stray Kids’ Incredible Leap In Album Sales Since Debut

They’ve sold over 300,000 albums this year alone without any new releases!

Stray Kids debuted on March 25, 2018, which means they’ve been in the K-Pop industry for almost three and a half years now. In that time, they’ve released one studio album, seven EPs, and one reissued album, which is a pretty extensive discography for three years in the industry, and they haven’t even released a new album in 2021 yet! Here’s a look back at Stray Kids’ album sales over the years, comparing year-end sales of albums to the previous year to see how much their popularity has grown. Note that the list also includes their pre-debut album, Mixtape!


4. Mixtape

Total sales: 60.76k

3. I am NOT

Total sales: 86.57k

2. I am WHO

Total sales: 91.64k

1. I am YOU

Total sales: 108.0k

Overall Total: 346.9k sales


7. Mixtape

Total sales: 84.22k

Sales since 2018: 23.46k

6. I am NOT

Total sales: 112.0k

Sales since 2018: 25.43k

5. I am WHO

Total sales: 129.4k

Sales since 2018: 37.76k

4. I am YOU

Total sales: 136.8k

Sales since 2018: 28.80k

3. Clé 2: Yellow Wood

Total sales: 156.0k

Sales since 2018: N/A

2. Clé 1: Miroh

Total sales: 169.3k

Sales since 2018: N/A

1. Clé: Levanter

Total sales: 181.5k

Sales since 2018: N/A

Overall Total: 969.2k (622.3k since 2018)


9. Mixtape

Total sales: 106.2k

Sales since 2019: 21.98k

8. I am NOT

Total sales: 137.2k

Sales since 2019: 25.20k

7. I am WHO

Total sales: 164.0k

Sales since 2019: 34.61k

6. I am YOU

Total sales: 167.5k

Sales since 2019: 28.70k

5. Clé 2: Yellow Wood

Total sales: 176.9k

Sales since 2019: 20.90k

4. Clé 1: Miroh

Total sales: 205.0k

Sales since 2019: 35.70k

3. Clé: Levanter

Total sales: 224.6k

Sales since 2019: 43.05k

2. Go Live

Total sales: 364.2k

Sales since 2019: N/A

1. In Life

Total sales: 440.6k

Sales since 2019: N/A

Overall Total: 1.99 million (1.02 million since 2019)

2021 (So Far)

9. Mixtape

Total sales: 118.9k

Sales since 2020: 12.75k

8. I am NOT

Total sales: 176.9k

Sales since 2020: 39.74k

7. Clé 2: Yellow Wood

Total sales: 192.8k

Sales since 2020: 15.95k

6. I am WHO

Total sales: 195.4k

Sales since 2020: 31.41k

5. I am YOU

Total sales: 207.2k

Sales since 2020: 39.66k

4. Clé 1: Miroh

Total sales: 245.0k

Sales since 2020: 40.00k

3. Clé: Levanter

Total sales: 268.6k

Sales since 2020: 44.04k

2. Go Live

Total sales: 424.2k

Sales since 2020: 59.98k

1. In Life

Total sales: 507.2k

Sales since 2020: 66.58k

Overall Total: 2.34 million (350.1k since 2020)

Source: Image (1) and (2)

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