15+ Gorgeous Candid Photos From Stray Kids’ “To The World” Performance On “Kingdom”

How are you doing, STAYs?

Kingdom has already given us many stunning performances from the six participating groups on the show, and Stray Kids were absolutely no exception! Their latest “To The World” performance, a fantastic blend of their songs “Side Effects” and “God’s Menu”, showcased just how talented and charismatic these fourth generation idols are. Here’s a look at 15+ behind-the-scenes pictures from their performance.

1. Bang Chan

Bang Chan might be a soft sweetheart off-stage, but on-stage he has endless amounts of intense charisma and power!

2. Lee Know

This dance machine was stunning to watch for the entirety of Stray Kids’ high-energy and unique performance!

3. Changbin

Changbin’s intense and aggressive facial expressions pair perfectly with his fire-spitting rap abilities, and this performance absolutely showcased both!

4. Han

This multi-talented rap and dance king seemed absolutely flawless during the show, and made the entire thing look like it was easy for him!

5. Felix

Felix’s insanely deep voice is just one aspect of his many performance abilities that make him stunning to watch!

6. Seungmin

This vocalist was nothing short of breathtaking with his singing as well as overall stage presence!

7. I.N

He may be the maknae of the group, but I.N’s expert performance abilities and confidence make it easy to forget!

8. All

Overall, Stray Kids completely destroyed the stage with “To The World”!

If you haven’t already, or want to relive the experience again, check out Stray Kids’ full performance from Kingdom here:

Stray Kids