Stray Kids’ Members Look Absolutely “S-Class” In Newly Released HD Stage Photos

Their charisma is evident even just in photos!

Stray Kids is in the middle of promoting their latest title track, “S-Class”, off of their new album ★★★★★ (5-STAR). They recently performed the new song on Inkigayo, and as always, the members put on an incredible show!

Each of the 8 members bring their own aura, charisma, and energy to their performances, and they really show in the individual pictures of each of them. Here are 30+ HD images from the group’s recent Inkigayo performance of “S-Class” that you won’t want to miss!

1. Bang Chan

Stray Kids’ powerful, buff, charismatic leader was all muscles and intense stares during the group’s recent performances on music shows!

2. Lee Know

Lee Know’s handsome visuals seem to be more evident than ever with the group’s latest comeback, and it’s impossible to look away from him when he’s center stage!

3. Changbin

Stray Kids’ powerhouse of a rapper is the perfect mix of cool and cute with his iconic parts in “S-Class”!

4. Hyunjin

Long dark-haired Hyunjin is back on stage once again, and we can’t get enough of just how pretty he is!

5. Han

Whether he’s smiling or giving his sharp, intense stare to the audience, Han is a force to be reckoned with whenever he takes the stage.

6. Felix

Felix is always a delight to watch perform thanks to his strong stage presence, but his blue hair just adds an extra level of etherealness to the already fairy-like idol!

7. Seungmin

Seungmin may be best-known for his angel-like vocals, and deservedly so, but he has once again proven why he’s in a group of performers as strong as Stray Kids!

8. I.N

I.N really gives off youthful maknae vibes for this comeback, especially when he flashes his cute smile while on stage!

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