Showing Appreciation For The Numerous Piercings Of Stray Kids’ Members

They have over 15 between all of them!

While Stray Kids‘ members don’t have any tattoos (that we know about!), nearly all of them have piercings of some kind! They can get pretty creative and unique with their piercings as well, and they’ve worn some beautiful jewelry for different occasions. Here’s a list looking into the many real piercings of Stray Kids members, as well as some of the fake ones they’ve had too!

1. Bang Chan

Bang Chan seems to have just two real piercings: One on each of his earlobes.

Like other members of the group, however, he has also rocked a number of fake piercings as well! Such as lip piercings…

Other ear piercings…

And more beyond that!

2. Lee Know

Lee Know is one of several Stray Kids members that has three piercings: Two on his left lobe, and one on his right. And he has worn some beautiful jewelry in them over the years!

Here’s a look at some of the fake piercings he has had as well, such as others on his ears and his lip!

3. Changbin

Changbin has the exact same piercings as Lee Know does: Two on his left lobe, and one on his right!

Being the intense, sometimes edgy rapper that he is, though, the other piercings he’s been styled with definitely suit him!

4. Hyunjin

Although Hyunjin has had several different fake piercings over the years, it seems that he only actually has one real lobe piercing in each ear!

Fake lip piercings are especially common on him, though…

As are other types as well, including a bellybutton piercing!

5. Han

Han is the third member of Stray Kids that has three piercings: Two on his left lobe, and one on his right.

Fake eyebrow piercings are a particularly common look for him, though!

6. Felix

Felix has three ear piercings, all of which are on his left ear: Two on his lobe, and more recently, he got a double helix piercing too!

His stylists have gotten pretty creative with elegant, delicate, or more statement piece earrings!

He is another member that has been given a number of different fake piercings too, including a bellybutton piercing.

7. Seungmin

Seungmin appears to be the only member of Stray Kids that doesn’t have any piercings. Despite this, he has tricked STAYs many times with some pretty convincing stickers and fake piercings!

8. I.N

Finally, Stray Kids’ maknae appears to have a single piercing on his left lobe!

As far as fake piercings go, he’s had a couple, including a unique dermal piercing on his cheekbone.

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