Stray Kids’ Members’ Urban Dictionary Definitions Are Hilariously Spot-On

Do you agree with these definitions? 😂

If you’re not familiar with Urban Dictionary, it’s a website where anyone can upload definitions of slang words or phrases, often with vulgar definitions. It has become somewhat of a trend for people to “define” the names of people on the website, usually to praise or compliment someone they know with that name! There have been many uploads of K-Pop idol names onto the site where fans have made their own definitions for their favorites, and the results can be quite hilarious (and often pretty accurate). Here are some of the definitions for all of Stray Kids’ members on Urban Dictionary!

1. Bang Chan

The first definition for “Bang Chan” on Urban Dictionary is:

“adorable leader of Stray Kids, multi talented, he raps, sings, dances, produces music PLUS he’s a kangaroo”

Another adorably accurate definition is:

“bang chan is the bestest leader ever & he is the definition of an emotional support Kpop boy. He is extremely talented and produces the best most meaningful songs for his STAYs. In conclusion, Stan bang chan, Stan stray kids for a better life”

And finally, a short but sweet summary of Bang Chan:

“an angel, writes and produces incredible music, a kangaroo mom of 7 chaotic children; loves stay with his whole heart.”

2. Lee Know

The first definition for “Lee Know” on Urban Dictionary is:

“the best and cutest stage name, which is unique, for the only dancing gem lee minho from stray kids. he’s a caring, lovely and fun person. he loves making other people laugh, which is why he often posts weird selfies on ig. lee know rocks every concept and dances. he’s a powerful vocalist, as well as a powerful rapper. plus he loves cats, which is why he has three and the cutest cat phone case.”

Lee Know seems to have some of the longer definitions on site:

“Real name Lee Minho but he chose this stage name because his name is common. He is a vocalist and a main dancer of Stray Kids. He’s very talented and used to be a backup dancer before joining Stray Kids. He loves cats and has three of them named Soonie, Doongie, and Dori.”

STAYs know him well:

“one of the most talented people you’ll ever see in your life. Unbelievably intimidating when he’s performing and a powerful dancer. Loves teasing his members as a way of showing his affection and love towards them. Is a dad of three (3) – and i cannot stress this enough, 3 – cats. He donates every month to a unicef campaign that helps children with difficult conditions and also bought things like earrings to help saving the polar bears or a bag made of recycled and eco friendly material.”

3. Changbin

The first definition for “Changbin” on Urban Dictionary is:

“changbin is a member from the group stray kids
his stage name in 3racha is spearb
he’s a rapper, producer and a lyricist
he’s cute and funny
excessive use of puns”

A short but sweet definition:

“the sweetest person alive
also named spearb
he’s a part of the jyp 9 mem(e)ber boygroup Stray Kids”

And finally, one that sums him up well:

“a member of stray kids, known as a ‘dark rapper’ that raps with a raspy voice, but is actually a fluffy cinnamon roll that likes to do aegyo (da da da). can rap as fast as the speed of light.”

4. Hyunjin

The first definition for “Hyunjin” on Urban Dictionary is:

“Hyunjin has made me believe in god. He is god himself. He is such a beautiful, pretty, cute, hot, sexy and dramatic af person. Hyunjin can brighten everyone’s day by just smiling. So if you see a pretty person or thing and don’t have the words to describe how pretty they are, then just call them a Hyunjin :’)”

A long but very passionate definition for him:

“A is the most kindest and loyal soul you’d meet who will do anything for the people most dear to him. He can be very emotional at times, but he always pulls through in the end. He tries his best to improve and learn new things, all to put a smile on your face. Always laughing at the most randomest shit but that’s what makes Hyunjin the Hyunjin we know and love. He is a big fat mood. Hyunjin loves dancing and listening to music. We appreciate his charisma and handsome face. Right now he is going through a lot. 🥺😭Love and support from all of stay. 💗💜❤️”

And finally, a definition that praises his visuals:

“Hyunjin is an attractive human being. Nobody can ever be as attractive as a Hyunjin. A Hyunjin will never fail to amaze you with his dance moves.”

5. Han

The first definition for “Han” on Urban Dictionary is:


A little bit longer and more descriptive definition is:

“is a multitalented idol and artist who produce music, write lyrics, who’s good at singing, dancing and rapping with so much charisma. he literally can do everything. he’s kind, funny and smart person too!”

And another one that has to mention his squirrel-like qualities:

“Han Jisung was a squirrel in his past life. It has been proven by the way he looks and act. Han Jisung is such a cute boi, but don’t get fooled. He is one of the best rappers out there and is known for his famous line ‘jeogiyo noona hogsi namjachingu isseoyo’ in the 3racha song wow.”

6. Felix

The first definition for “Felix” on Urban Dictionary is:

“Felix Lee of Stray Kids is a sexy ass Australian boy with a deep ass voice, he is 1/2 of the Aussies part of skz”

This bullet list sums him up nicely:

“1/9 of JYP’s Stray Kids
•rap line
•dance line
•should be apart of vocal line
•looks like a prince
•deep as voice as the fucking ocean
•a perfect and amazing human being

And wrapping up with the perfect three-letter definition:

“best human ever”

7. Seungmin

The first definition for “Seungmin” on Urban Dictionary is:

“my emotional support kpop boy and the best puppy. stream double knot.”

A definition that any STAY can agree with:

“the hot and sexc vocalist in stray kids 😼”

And here is a longer and more descriptive summary for him:

“A very cute lil baby who slays at belting high notes that your faves can’t relate. Also a human form of purity, innocence, and happiness also mariah carey soul. There’s a tale, when God himself created Seungmin he accidentally spill too much UWU and keep adding it more.”

8. I.N

The first definition for “I.N” on Urban Dictionary is:

“This guy is the pure definition of cute. He’ respectful, clean and funny. If you Jeongin dont ever let him go cause he make life the most beautiful you’ve ever seen.”

Two words that sum up how STAYs often see him:

“baby boy”

And finally, a very sweet and precious definition for I.N:

“The most cute uwu person you’ll ever meet. He is very hard working and energetic with the most beautiful voice you’ll ever hear.”

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