Stray Kids Reveals Their Dream Jobs If They Didn’t Become Idols

I probably would have become a dancing statue. — Lee Know

1. I.N. — Kindergarten Teacher or Social Worker

The maknae of Stray Kids shared that his love for kids and volunteering had him dreaming of becoming a kindergarten teacher or social worker.


2. Seungmin — Photographer or Prosecutor

Seungmin really enjoys taking photos. He also thinks he would have pursued something related to law due to his father’s wishes. Out of the law-related jobs, he most wanted to become a public prosecutor.


3. Hyunjin — Interior Designer

Hyunjin said he has good spacial reasoning abilities, which is probably what makes him such a great dancer! As a result, he thought being an interior designer would be a fun job. The members asked him to design their next dorm like the LieV studio.


4. Felix — Song Writer

He has a lot of things he’d like to express through his lyrics. Felix revealed that he used to write a lot of lyrics in his phone during break time at school.


5. Han — Composer

Han said he wanted to be a singer for so long, so if it didn’t work out, he would have been a composer. Maybe he and Felix could have been a song-producing duo!


6. Chan — Actor

The kangaroo of Stray Kids shared that he shot a lot of commercials when he was younger so he considered become an actor. Since he likes sports, he might have pursued becoming a professional athlete as well!


7. Changbin — Music Critic, Producer, or Tattooist 

Changbin shared that he really loves music so even if he hadn’t become a singer, he would have still been involved in music as he also had an interest in becoming a music critic, producer, or composer. Outside of music, he was really interested in becoming a tattooist!


8. Lee Know — Dancer

Lee Know says that he would’ve become a ‘dancing statue’ if he didn’t debut as a member of Stray Kids. He probably would’ve ended up going viral as a gorgeous dancer!


9. Woojin — Music Teacher or Vocal Trainer

Woojin says that even if he hadn’t become an idol, he still loves singing so he probably would have aimed to become a music teacher or vocal trainer.

Source: X Sports News