6 Ways Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Han Prove They Are Soulmates

They’ll make you believe in soulmates!

These Hyunsung moments are sure to get you in right in the feels!

Stray Kids’ Han (left) and Hyunjin (right)

Stray KidsHyunjin and Han, also known as Hyunhan or Hyunsung, are often considered soulmates by fans! The two have their own brand of friendship that is beautiful to see!

Here are some of the ways Hyunjin and Han prove their soulmate status!

1. Lots of Affection

These two are affectionate! From hugs to trying to kiss each other (usually Han), they have no restraint when loving on each other!

2. They’re always in sync!

No matter the circumstances, these two are always in sync with each other.

3. Having Fun Playing Around

Just watching the two of them play around and have a good time is fun!

4. Sweet Messages To Each Other

They are not afraid to share their feelings about each other. Hyunjin even refers to Han as his vitamin, or source of energy!

5. Always There To Comfort One Another

Through the years, these two have always had each other’s back. No matter what they are here for each other!


6. Clingy Besties

These best friends are always touching each other and enjoy cuddling! Skinship is an answer, not a question for these two.

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