The Best Male & Female Idol Performers According To “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Hyojin Choi

Her picks are πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

There’s no doubt that the contestants on Street Woman Fighter are some of the best in the game, but despite being at the top of the dance industry, there are still many idol dancers who impress them. Take WANT leader Hyojin Choi, for example, who revealed her favorite male and female idol performers in a past video.

1. Chungha

When K-Pop choreographer Mina Myoung asked Hyojin Choi if there are any idols who have grabbed her attention, the first that came to Hyojin’s mind was Chungha. “She is so good at expressing the music,” explained Hyojin, adding that Chungha is also a “strong performer.”

2. Yezi (former Fiestar)

Another girl group idol whose performance caught Hyojin’s eye is former Fiestar member Yezi. Hyojin revealed that the two worked together in the past, and she found herself truly “touched” by the passion Yezi showed. After watching Fiestar debut, Hyojin says she couldn’t take her eyes of Yezi during the group’s performances.

3. Kai (EXO)

As for boy groups, just one male idol was atop Hyojin’s list: EXO’s Kai. “Needless to say, he is so unique in his way of expressing the music,” said Hyojin. She went on to explain that Kai gets very deeply absorbed into the music when he dances, which is “not an easy thing to do.”

On top of that, Hyojin Choi marveled at how bold Kai is when it comes to fashion. “Other male artists would be embarrassed” to wear traditionally “feminine” clothes like crop tops, she said, but Kai is always “so professional” no matter what he wears.

I applaud at his passion and expression.

β€” Hyojin Choi

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