Styling Your Biker Jacket 101, Featuring Your Favorite Fashionista Idols

Tis the season for the leather goods. Do it right!

Winter’s coming; it’s coming quickly too. There won’t be too much time before it gets too cold for anything less than super padded parkas. So if there is a chance to flaunt that rockstar look in a (faux) leather biker jacket, it must be taken immediately! Don’t let that cute outerwear sleep in the closet. Not sure how to wear it all city chic? Well then, let K-Pop help! Check out how these 10 K-Pop idols have styled theirs.


1. Over Black

BTS Jin‘s biker look is the default! If unsure, choose the default. Black on black can never go wrong. As seen here, Jin matched a simple tee under his form-fitting jacket — recreating this look should be easy breezy!


2. Over White

If all-black is too black, then go for white. Black and white is, as much as black on black is, also a basic option. Here, GOT7‘s JB spiced up the outfit by mixing in an off-white knitted material sweater. The difference in texture sure can add some fun to the style!


3. Over Stripes

In case you’re not feeling the solid colors, you can always go for patterns. And the easiest pattern is the stripes! While NCT‘s Jaehyun went for black and white stripes, it doesn’t have to be so. Any color of stripes will look good, especially if matched with simple black bottoms.


4. Over Turtleneck

Watch and learn from TWICE Jeongyeon‘s outfit! She matched a knitted turtleneck sweater under her slightly oversized leather jacket, for extra warmth and even more style! Beware though, turtlenecks can come bulky — so choose your lightest sweater and your largest jacket.


5. Over Denim

Leather on leather has always been a thing, but MONSTA X‘s I.M went for leather on denim. Underneath his super oversized boxy leather jacket, he’s wearing a white tee and a classic denim jacket. The hints of denim peeping through the leather gives this outfit a casual spin!


6. With A Dress

For the ladies, a tight fitting leather jacket can serve as an excellent choice over any dress. Note how AOA‘s Seolhyun chose to match an all white dress to go with her basic biker outer. It’s a soft-but-fierce, nice-but-naughty kind of an outfit that will bring out all your duality.


7. With A Skirt

Even if you’re not a dress person, there is still a way to “soften” the otherwise charismatic leather biker styling. TWICE‘s Mina rocked an elegant black pleated skirt, with the jacket not worn but thrown over her shoulders like a cape. There is a very feminine vibe to how Mina pulled this look together!


8. With A Tie

BTS‘s V looks dashing in his semi-formal biker look that strikes a perfect balance — like he had a meeting at 6PM, but also had a night out planned at 7PM. Just as a simple T-shirt would dress down the look, a collared shirt with tie can dress up the leather jacket!


9. With A Hoodie

The way Suzy wore this leather jacket over a hoodie in her K-Drama While You Were Sleeping had both male and female Korean viewers taking in that fashion tip. When just the casual hoodie seems too casual — or even feels too cold — keep in mind, your leather biker could simply be the solution.


10. With A Crop Top

And in the awesome case you have the summer beach bod still left post-summer, show it off. Do it like Red Velvet‘s Seulgi did it and own that badass superhero kind of vibe! She has the abs and she’s so not afraid to share. Check how breathtaking Seulgi looks in a simple-but-sexy-AF cropped top under her studded leather jacket!