Here Are The 10 Best Super Junior Title Tracks And B-Sides, According To Fans

Which song from this legendary group is your favorite?

Each week, a poll is posted on the K-pop subreddit for fans on the site to vote for their favorite songs for a particular artist, called “Top 10 Tuesdays”. The voting includes the best title tracks as well as the best B-side/overall songs from each artist.

Super Junior’s Donghae

Last week, Super Junior was the artist of choice, and with over 15 years in the industry and a huge discography to choose from, it seems impossible to narrow their best songs down to so few!

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Still, the results are in after fans on Reddit completed their voting, and these were the top 10 tracks chosen from each category.

Top 10 Title Tracks:

10. “U” and “Sorry Sorry Answer” (67 points)

9. “This Is Love” (72 points)

8. “Mamacita” (80 points)

7. “Mr. Simple” (81 points)

6. “Lo Siento” (87 points)

5. “Evanesce” (116 points)

4. “Sorry Sorry” (145 points)

3. “Devil” (150 points)

2. “Black Suit” (157 points)

1. “It’s You” (177 points)

Top 10 B-Side Tracks:

8. “Point of No Return”, “Midnight Blues”, and “Good Day for a Good Day” (16 points)

7. “Can You Feel It?” (17 points)

6. “Animals” (18 points)

5. “Islands” (21 points)

4. “Dorothy” (25 points)

3. “Raining Spell for Love” (33 points)

2. “Somebody New” (35 points)

1. “Burn the Floor” (59 points)

Source: Reddit

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