10 Super Powers K-Pop Fans Need More Than Life

With teleportation, you could visit Korea every day.

Most people can agree that daily life would be much easier to deal with if super powers were involved, but these 10 powers would be especially useful for K-Pop fans.


1. Teleportation

How many times have international fans said, “I wish I could go to Korea”? If you had EXO Kai‘s power of teleportation you could visit his home country whenever you wanted and see your biases perform shows all over the world!


2. Invisibility

Did you get a ticket to that concert you desperately want to see? No? Never fear! With the power of invisibility, you can score a front-row seat without paying a dime. In fact, you could even join your favourite group on stage. Just be careful not to bump into anyone!


3. Power Mimicry

Have you ever watched a K-Pop video and thought, “I wish I could sing like that?”. Power mimicry would give fans the power to copy their biases amazing skills. With this power, you could dance like SHINee‘s Taemin, sing like TWICE‘s Jihyo, and rap like BTS‘s RM. You might even be able to debut in a K-Pop group yourself!


4. Force Fields

If you had the power to create force fields, you’d never have to worry about being in the pit at a concert. You’d never be shoved, tripped, or accidentally whacked with a lightstick! This handy super power might even help you get a job as a bodyguard because you could use it to keep idols safe at airports!


5. Omnilingualism

Wow, that’s a mouthful! Omnilingualism is the power to instantly learn, speak, and understand any language fluently. With this power, you’d never have to wait for subtitles again and you could travel to Korea without worrying about language barriers.


6. Telepathy

Have you ever wondered what’s really going on inside your bias’s head? If you had both omnilingualism and telepathy, you’d know just what he or she was thinking. Or, if you and your K-Pop-loving BFFs all had telepathy you could have secret conversations in class, in public, or at work without anyone noticing.


7. Time Travel

When Tao was still with EXO, he had the power to control time. If you had the same power you could travel back and witness K-Pop’s most historic moments, catch that live show you missed (in real time!), and much more! Alternately, you could travel to the future and hear your favourite groups’ next album before they even record it! Not to mention, you could find out the winning lottery numbers, quit your job, and just binge on K-Pop 24/7.


8. Mind Control

If you had the power to control minds, you could actually do a lot of good things with it. You could use it to end fan wars, deter sasaengs, and maybe even “convince” your parents to let you attend that concert you’re dying to see.


9. Healing

It’s always painful for fans to see idols get injured, but with this super power you could fix them up in no time at all. Stage falls, variety show blunders, and ISAC accidents would all be things of the past! From broken bones to the common cold, there’s no illness this power can’t cure.


10. Immortality

With the power of immortality, you could be more than a K-Pop fan for life. You could be one for eternity! What will K-Pop sound like 100 years from now? If you were immortal, you could know!