SuperM’s Kai And Lucas Exude Peak Chaotic Sibling Energy

The iconic Tom & Jerry duo.

SuperM‘s Kai and Lucas act like siblings, constantly teasing each other and being chaotic in general. It seems like they’re always ready with a sassy remark, or pushing each other around. Let’s revisit some of these chaotic instances from this dynamic duo.

| @superm/Twitter

1. Always bickering

No iconic sibling energy is complete without the classic repetitive insistence that they are right. In this case, Kai and Lucas were positive that they would be the one to survive a zombie apocalypse.

2. Being petty (jokingly)

Lucas said he didn’t have anyone in mind to bring to an amusement park, and Kai was disappointed that he didn’t say his name. So what better way to get payback than to answer the next question by purposely not saying Lucas’s name?

| mrkslee/Tumblr 
| mrkslee/Tumblr  

3. Playful teasing

Having the same hair as each other? Unacceptable. One of us is a copy-cat and it’s certainly not me.

4. Unintentionally looking the same

No matter how much you don’t want to look like each other, you inevitably do.

5. Did I mention constant bickering?

Doesn’t matter where they are or who they’re with, these two are always full of jokes and ready to (playfully) throw hands.