Here Are The Line Distributions For All 15 Songs On SuperM’s “Super One” Album

Two of the members definitely have more lines than the rest.

SuperM recently released their first full-length studio album, Super One, complete with an impressive 15 tracks! Since the group is made up of 7 talented idols specifically chosen from already-established SM Entertainment groups, you’d think they would work hard on getting their lines fairly evenly distributed, right? The following graphs show how many lines each member has per song, with the last one displaying each member’s total line percentage from the whole album. Check them out for yourself!

1. “One (Monster & Infinity)”

2. “Infinity”

3. “Monster”

4. “Wish You Were Here”

5. “Big Chance”

6. “100”

7. “Tiger Inside”

8. “Better Days”

9. “Together At Home”

10. “Drip”

11. “Line ‘Em Up”

12. “Dangerous Woman”

13. “Step Up”

14. “So Long”

15. “With You”


Most: Baekhyun (22.6%)

2nd: Taemin (22.3%)

3rd: Ten (13.2%)

4th: Mark (11.7%)

5th: Taeyong (11.1%)

6th: Lucas (9.7%)

7th: Kai (9.4%)


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