The Surprising Role Models That Inspire Each BTS Member

These are the people that inspire BTS.

Each member of BTS has spoken about who their role models are in the past. Some of their picks are surprising, to say the least.

1. RM

RM has revealed his role models in the past to be American rappers Kanye West and A$AP Rocky.

2. Suga

Suga has a whole group of role models. The American rapping quartet of Kanye WestLil’ WayneLupe Fiasco and Hit Boy have inspired Suga.

3. Jin

Jin‘s role model is none other than T.O.P from BIGBANG. This is unexpected as they don’t fit the same position in their respective groups, but Jin must have immense respect for T.O.P nonetheless.

4. Jimin

Jimin’s role model is another BIGBANG member, Taeyang. This makes sense as both idols fulfill the role of “silky smooth vocalist” in each of their respective groups.

5. J-Hope

J-Hope also has a few role models. They are American rappers A$AP Rocky and J.Cole. Another BIGBANG member inspires BTS as J-Hope mentions one of his role models being G-Dragon. Finally, he is also inspired by Korean rapper Beenzino.

6. V

V’s role model is none other than… his dad! Aww…

7. Jungkook

Jungkook, just like J-Hope, is inspired by BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.

BTS is clearly inspired by American hip-hop and also their seniors in BIGBANG.


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