12 Surprising Facts You Probably Never Knew About BTS

Every A.R.M.Y should know this quirky info.

Old school BTS fans probably know more about the members than the members know about themselves, but newer A.R.M.Ys might not know these surprising facts!


1. Jungkook thinks Sailor Moon is sexy…


….or, at least he used to think that!


2. Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO couldn’t recognize V for an entire year!


During an episode of Rookie Kingcalled out Bang Si-hyuk for not being able to remember his name.


In his defense, Bang Si-hyuk said that he doesn’t remember trainees…


…but how can anyone forget this beautiful face?


3. RM is in charge of sweeping dorm floors.


Since this “God of Destruction” has a habit of breaking things…


…he should clean up his own messes!


4. Jin’s pants fell down on their debut stage.


Jin was so upset about the embarrassing incident that he cried backstage…


…but his members were there to comfort him.

Don’t cry, Jin. Accidents happen!


5. According to Jimin, the members compete over how many retweets their tweets get.

When each of their tweets gets thousands of retweets, how do they even keep count?


6. RM said he would date J-Hope if he was a girl.


RM chose J-Hope because J-Hope was like the “mother” of the dorm, who took care of everyone.


7. Jungkook said that in the future, he wants to be either the owner of a duck restaurant or a tattoo artist.


Jungkook is talented at drawing, especially graphic style drawing, so it’s easy to imagine him as a tattooist.


8. V played the saxophone for 3 years.


He even played The Eagles‘s “Desperado” during a variety show.


9. V has never had a girlfriend.


Now this fact is a total shock, considering his striking visuals…


…and adorable personality.


10. Jin said he would beat up any member who harms his beloved toys


Most of the time, Jin lets his dongsaengs get away with murder, but even this tolerant hyung has his limits.


Any member who dares to mess with Jin’s Mario collection would be asking for trouble!


11. V loves bubbles and is fascinated by them


12. Suga once stole Jungkook’s underwear


Yes, his underwear.


Not only did Suga snatch the maknae‘s unmentionables, he also lied about stealing them…while he was wearing them.