20 Shocking Photos That Show What Suzy’s Skin Really Looks Like

And it’s not only her skin that’s shocking.

It’s no secret that Suzy has flawless skin, but fans are consistently shocked at just how beautiful Suzy’s skin is! Here are 20 shocking photos that show just how beautiful Suzy and her skin is:

“She has good skin, a lot of hair…she’s got it all.”


“She has such good skin…I love when she doesn’t put on makeup too.”


“Even close-ups are so damn pretty…”


“What’s wrong with her face…Faces are supposed to look ugly when they’re super close-up…This is unfair.”


“Every time I look at her face I wonder what product she uses…”


“So pretty…”


“She has no pores.”


“Not only her skin, she’s got the eyes, nose, lips and even height…”


“Her face is the most shocking.”


“I’m so jealous…I’m so envious of people who are born with good skin.”


“She hasn’t been a top star for 10 years for no reason.”


“Even her eyebrows…”


“I’m so jealous.”


“I saw her right in front of my eyes and her skin is seriously flawless, she was born with it.”


“She even said so herself that she thought she was born with good skin…Anyway she’s so beautiful!!”


“Her skin looks like mine when I was a baby…I wonder what happened to mine…”


“This is not skin that’s been covered by makeup. It’s just good skin. Beautiful.”


“You really gotta be born with it.”

“She doesn’t get all the cosmetic advertisements for no reason.”


Source: Pann Nate and Pann Nate