Suzy’s Stunning Casual Fashion Is Something We Can All Learn From

She’s stunning no matter what.

Suzy is a fashionista through and through. While some of her best looks are when she’s at a red carpet or award show…

…her casual fashion is just as good. We can all re-learn the basics with her gorgeous everyday wear.

Check out some of her best looks below!

1. Don a yellow tee for a brighter look

2. A pair of sneakers can still match your blazers

3. Use a cute bag to upscale your casual outfit

4. Try out some blue ribbons in your hair, just like the old days

5. A rust-colored blouse can always give a rustic look

6. Don’t be afraid to layer!

7. A beret is a timeless and forever-cute accessory

8. A nice long coat will upgrade your look in a second

9. A long blouse can be both comfortable and stylish

10. Finally, a simple smile and wave is all you need to complete your look