A Synchronized Swimmer Ranked 12 Different K-Pop Groups’ Dance Syncing Abilities

Being on time is one thing, but having everyone in a group perfectly synced is even more difficult!

Recently, an experienced synchronized swimmer has made a video discussing how well various K-Pop groups are synced up in their dancing. The difference between being on time and being “synced” when it comes to dancing is that, to be synced, not only do you have to be on time with each other but the movements themselves (the angle of your body, the height of your arms, the lift of your legs, etc.) all need to be the same as well. It’s incredibly difficult, and some K-Pop groups are definitely better at it than others! Here are 12 groups that she discussed as the best groups at syncing in the industry, and the strengths and weaknesses of each group. She mentioned that the top 6 groups in particular are near-perfect, and that the ranking of those groups is pretty much equal!


NCT’s sub-units can be hit or miss in terms of synchronization, especially in terms of the heights of their arms. However, they are overall very well-synced and have strong formations. She also stated that WAYV alone would likely be higher on the list since they are probably the most synced of the sub-units.



MOMOLAND overall is known to be very well-synced, but their choruses tend to look more practiced and synced than their verses. While the angles and leg distance in the choruses look perfect, sometimes the verses can look a little less so, but they’re still very impressive.



ATEEZ is always on time and on beat, and the actual dance skills of each individual member are incredibly strong. However, the members all tend to dance slightly differently sometimes, which can make them look less synced as a group overall. This isn’t always the case, though, and ATEEZ as a whole is still an incredible performance group.

9. Cosmic Girls


Larger groups tend to be harder to sync up for obvious reasons, which makes Cosmic Girls’ ability to sync even more impressive. They’re good at lining up the angles of their bodies and limbs, especially their arms. Their legs, especially spacing, is slightly less perfect and can be just slightly late, but overall they’re still incredible!



TWICE is a group that clearly works well together and is used to dancing together, and it shows especially in how well-synced their formation changes are. They work together well as a whole unit, and while some members can dance slightly differently from each other, overall their syncing is impressive.

7. A.C.E


A.C.E’s dance style shows that they clearly practice a lot in terms of how well they sync up. The only criticism they had is that sometimes in slower movements they can be a little less synced with some members, but overall they’re great at moving together.

6. Dreamcatcher


Dreamcatcher is an extremely synced group, especially in terms of their leg spacing in pretty much all of their dancing. Sometimes their hand gestures (i.e., open hand verses closed first) can be different, but besides that they have little criticism.

5. Pristin/HINAPIA


Unlike Dreamcatcher, the members of these groups (past and present) have very synced up hand gestures. The only slight weakness pointed out is that sometimes the bending and angle of their legs isn’t perfect, but overall they definitely stand out for their dancing.



The critic in the video called GFRIEND “scary” with how well they’re synced up! The girl group has long been known for having some of the most impressive dances in the industry, as well as how synced up they are with each other. The only thing that is occasionally off is the bend of their arms, but that’s very slight.



ITZY is a group that not only is synced perfectly, but also performs both hard, sharp movements as well as slower movements exactly on time with each other. Sometimes their formations themselves aren’t 100% perfect, but besides that, they’re incredibly impressive.



LOONA, like Cosmic Girls, is a big group, and thus it’s overall harder to sync up all of the members perfectly. And yet, they somehow manage to do it! All of their moves are synced up well, even the way they walk.



SEVENTEEN is also a huge group, and not only that, but they have members with drastically different heights that should make syncing up a lot more difficult. But given how perfect their dances are, you would never be able to tell! There’s a reason they’re known among fans to be the best synced in the industry.

You can watch the full critique of these groups here:

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