These Are Table Manners You Should Know When You’re Eating In Korea

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Korean American vlogger Ssol, who runs the YouTube channel Simply SSOL where she shares fun, informative videos that give you the feeling you’re having a conversation with a friend, rather than watching a stranger’s videos, has shared a video with the Korean table manners. Her video, as always, is chock full of good information!

1. Eat all your rice

Source: SImply SSOL/YouTube

Ssol explains the importance of eating all your rice, down to the very last grain to make sure there are no leftovers in your bowl. While this isn’t as hard and fast of a rule as it used to be, if you’re eating with the elderly it’s important to be mindful and respectful of this table manner.

2. Picking up your spoon

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

Having learned this only after she moved to Korea, she was surprised to find out that it’s considered rude picking up your spoon or other utensil before the oldest person at the table (or your senior at work).

Leave your spoon on the table!


As a side note, another YouTuber, YongHyeon, shared that you should make an effort to use chopsticks, rather than asking forks while in Korea!

3. Using a toothpick

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

When you use a toothpick, particularly in public, you should cover your mouth as you pick at your teeth.

4. Holding your bowl

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

Surprisingly, Ssol also shares that it’s rude to hold your rice bowl while you eat!

Did you already know about these table manners or did Ssol teach you something new today?

Watch Ssol’s whole video below for more table etiquette, as well as to just enjoy her wholesome content: