5+ Taekook Moments From “BTS In The SOOP 2” We’ll Never Forget

What an iconic duo!

BTS In the SOOP 2 may be over, but we’re definitely not done talking about it!


This season of In the SOOP was filled with sweet, cute, and hilarious interactions between the members, so we will definitely be rewatching over and over again.

Here are 5+ of V and Jungkook‘s best moments together from In the SOOP 2!

1. Playing with Bam together

Bam was definitely the star of In the SOOP 2! In the second episode, V went to Jungkook’s room to visit Bam.

| BTS/Weverse

Jungkook entertained both V and Bam by going outside and dancing in front of the glass door. Bam jumped on the glass as he watched, and V laughed while watching Jungkook play with his dog.

This Jungkook, V, and Bam moment was definitely a highlight!

2. Their tennis game

This moment also featured Bam! V went to the tennis and basketball court to play basketball, and Bam kept trying to catch the basketball.

Jungkook laughed while his dog tried to play basketball with V, and he asked V if he wanted to play tennis with him.

Although they learned how to play tennis as part of a Run BTS! segment, both V and Jungkook had forgotten how to play.

Even though they forgot how to play, they quickly got the hang of tennis again. Bam ran alongside the court as they hit the ball back and forth.

Bam ran onto the court and Jungkook tried to distract him by hitting a ball far off the court, but Bam came back within seconds. V totally didn’t mind though because Bam was so cute.

Jungkook eventually decided to put Bam in his room, and the two members were able to finish their tennis game.

Even though the tennis game didn’t go exactly as they planned, it was definitely fun to watch!

3. ATV ride

Jungkook and V are definitely adventurers! After their tennis game, they decided to ride an ATV through the forest.

Jungkook drove the ATV, and V sat behind him.

They screamed excitedly as they rode around on the ATV.

They rode over the tennis and basketball court and laughed when they passed by Suga.

BTS’s youngest members definitely know how to have fun!

4. Showing off their acrobatic skills on the trampoline

A trampoline is all it takes to entertain the maknae line! Jimin and Jungkook were jumping on the trampoline, and V came to join them.

They all had fun on the trampoline, and Jungkook wowed V and Jimin with his backflips.

As they jumped, the members shared lots and lots of laughs.

5. Karaoke fun

In the SOOP 2 gave ARMYs a chance to hear Jungkook and V harmonizing together! The two had a fun karaoke session together one evening. V started singing first, and Jungkook went in the living room to listen.

After V’s song ended, the two sang “Timeless” by SG Wannabe together.

Of course, they sounded amazing together!

6. V convincing Jungkook to cook for him

Jungkook takes great care of his older members! One day, V decided to make naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodle soup) for his breakfast, but he wanted some pork belly to go along with it. He didn’t know how to fry pork belly, so he asked Jungkook to do it for him.

Jungkook said no at first, but V started acting cute in a last-ditch effort to convince him to fry the pork belly.

V’s cuteness worked, and Jungkook followed V into the kitchen.

V thanked Jungkook for his help with a sweet hug.