Taemin Performed A Remix Version Of “IDEA” And Had Fans Ascending To Heaven

King Taemin never disappoints.

Taemin attended the 2020 Gayo Daechukje (2020 KBS Song Festival) and performed nothing less of legendary for his performance of “Criminal” and “IDEA.”

Being one of the top male solo artists in the industry, he delivered another fantastic performance, fully equipped with new adlibs and choreography.

His performance for “IDEA” in particular had fans ascending to heaven, literally!

| @IDreamofSHINee/Twitter

It was so great that fans requested for SM to release the remix version ASAP.

The music switch up at the ending climax of the song literally felt like you were going up to heaven!

Some fans were even willing to pay money to get their hands on the remix version.

Others were frustrated that these remix versions for award shows were not available on streaming platforms.

And honestly, they aren’t wrong! These amazing remixes from King Taemin himself need to be released now!

Watch the legendary performance below if you haven’t already!