Here’s 10 Tweets Thanking Taemin For Another Legendary Comeback With “Criminal”

Well done, Taemin!

Taemin, who made his comeback with his third full album Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1, performed his last broadcast for “Criminal” through SBS Inkigayo. With this last broadcast, he will be preparing for another comeback later this year for Act 2, the last part of his comeback series.

| @loveorIeaveme/Twitter

In light of his last broadcast, fans trended the #CriminalTAEMINboss and #태민대표님과짝궁엔터의크리미널 (#taeminceoandjjakgoongentcriminal)to support him for a successful comeback.

| @loveorIeaveme/Twitter

Here’s a list of 10 tweets that showered Taemin with love as he killed it with another legendary performance.

1. Newest edition to best K-Pop outfits throughout history

2. Anything for the king

3. Living vocal legend

4. Double crown? Easy

5. Concert-tier music show performances

6. Criminal Disease

7. Artistic legend

8. If looks could kill…this would be it

9. Full participation in the making of the album

10. Congrats to the living legend

With Act 1 promotions officially ending, fans can’t wait for Act 2 to drop later this fall! Watch the “Criminal” music video below!