Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals Her 3 Favorite “Must Have” Items And They’re Super Affordable!

We stan a fiscally responsible queen!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is going to be in Vogue Korea with her adorable dog Zero.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

As a part of this photoshoot she sat down to be in their What’s In My Bag series where she started by introducing her gorgeous Louis Vuitton black bag before showing all of its contents.

“I like a bag just about this size, so I carry this often.” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

At the end of the video she revealed her 3 favorite items (besides Zero who she said qualifies for the list because he’s always with her but can’t fit in her bag). Here are her choices:

“Ta-da! Zero! It’s Zero.” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

1. Milk Duds

The first item she chose was her large box of Milk Duds chocolate caramel candies.

“Milk Duds!” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

She shared that she highly recommends the candies and it’s not hard to understand why. She shared that if she ate one then, she wouldn’t be done with it until the interview was finished.  While not great for the moment, this is a rave review for such a long-lasting candy.

“This is a chocolate caramel, and if I put it in my mouth now, it’s going to stay in my mouth until the end of My Vogue, so I won’t eat it.” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

Taeyeon shared that she got her box at her local convenience store. This means it’s super accessible as well as affordable at around $0.99 per box.


2. Hair Claw

Her second item she chose was her hair claw clip. She revealed earlier in the video that at home she has “around 20-40 hair claws.”

“…My hair claw! Where am I going though?” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

She also shared that the one she currently had in her bag was the sturdiest of them all although it may not be the most exciting stylistically.

“Among them, this is the sturdiest.” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

The average price for a large hair claw similar to Taeyeon’s is around $4.29. Slightly smaller ones can even be bought in packs of 12 for $11.99 so you can start a collection like Taeyeon’s.


3. Alcohol Swabs

While the production crew initially suggested she pick her phone, the final item she chose was her alcohol swabs.


While Vogue Korea didn’t include her talking about them in the video, it’s easy to understand why she’d want to have alcohol swabs at the ready in current times.

“Alcohol swab!” | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

Most alcohol swabs come in large boxes with the most popular on the online major retailer, Amazon, currently priced at $5.33 for 200 swabs. This means you can be stocked and ready, no matter the situation.


We appreciate Taeyeon’s willingness to open up her bag and share what she is carrying around these days with her fans. Which of these items do you think is most useful? Let us know and to watch the rest of her interview, check out the video below:

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