These 10 Idols Born In 2004 Have Talent Beyond Their Years

These idols are killing it at just 15 to 16 years old.

Developing the singing, dancing, and rapping skills to kill it on stage in front of hundreds of people takes years of practice. However, these 10 K-Pop idols born in 2004 are already wowing fans with their impressive talent at just 15 to 16 years old!

1. Wonyoung (IZ*ONE)

Born on August 31, 2004, Wonyoung is IZ*ONE’s lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper.

She proved her immense talent when she ranked #1 on Produce 48, earning her the spot as IZ*ONE’s center and the nickname “Born to be Center”.

2. Dohyon (X1)

Born on November 10, 2004, Dohyon was the main rapper of since disbanded group X1. He’s now the rapper in duo H&D.

Dohyon only began training 5 months before joining Produce X 101. Despite that, his talent was big enough to earn him the 8th place spot in the show’s final.

3. May (Cherry Bullet)

Born on November 16, 2004, May is the lead dancer and vocalist of Cherry Bullet.

Fans love May’s dancing so much, they’ve been wishing for dance covers and more opportunities to see her shine.

4. Win (MCND)

Born on December 19, 2004, Win is the lead rapper of MCND.

He’s known for his unique ability to tackle any style of rapping despite his young age.

5. Jaehee (Weeekly)

Born on March 18, 2004, Jaehee is Weeekly’s lead rapper and vocalist.

Recently, fans have been going crazy for her super-fast rapping skills in the group’s song “Hello”.

6. Jihan (Weeekly)

Born on July 12, 2004, Jihan is Weeekly’s lead vocalist and lead dancer.

Her dance moves are incredibly sharp, and her singing is already attracting attention thanks to her sugar sweet tone.

7. Jinwoo (TEEN TEEN)

Born on September 13, 2004, Jinwoo is the main rapper, main dancer, and vocalist of TEEN TEEN.

Jinwoo’s talent previously took him to the top 25 of Produce X 101. The most impressive part? He only trained for 5 months before joining the show.

8. Lucy (woo!ah!)

Born on April 9, 2004, Lucy is woo!ah!’s main rapper and lead dancer.

Alongside her performance talents, Lucy also has skills in acting. Before joining woo!ah!, she was a child actress.

9. Minseo (woo!ah!)

Born on August 12, 2004, Minseo is woo!ah!’s main vocalist and lead dancer.

Last month, she was praised for her impressive live adlibs during one of the group’s “Payday” stages.

10. Songyee (woo!ah!)

Born on September 25, 2004, Songyee is a vocalist and rapper in woo!ah!.

Given how beautiful her voice is, it’s only fitting that she was “song” in her name.