10 Korean Stars Who Prove “Jiwon” Is A Name For Talented People Only

There are so many idols and actors called Jiwon! 🤯

Some people believe that your name determines your success in life, and if the name “Jiwon” is anything to go by, that may well be true. These 10 Korean stars named Jiwon are so good at what they’ll do, they’ll convince you this name is reserved only for people with amazing talent.


You know EVERGLOW’s main rapper and co-main dancer as E:U (which stands for “Especially for U”), but her birth name is Park Ji Won. Leading just one position in a group isn’t easy, but E:U easily aces both.

| Yuehua Entertainment

2. Bobby (iKON)

iKON’s Bobby, who got his stage name inspiration from Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley, was born Kim Ji Won. As the group’s crazy talented main rapper, it’s no surprise Bobby finished in first place on Mnet‘s Show Me the Money 3.

| YG Entertainment

3. Jiwon (fromis_9)

Fromis_9’s Jiwon (born Park Ji Won) is definitely one of the most powerful main vocalists of her generation. Her skills earned her a JYP Entertainment training contract and over 60,000 votes in the finale of Mnet’s Idol School, so there’s no doubting her talent.

| Off The Record Entertainment

4. Jiwon (Cherry Bullet)

Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon (born Heo Ji Won) is yet another talented star with this name. She earned the nickname ViCenJi from being “Visual Center Jiwon,” but her skills as the group’s main rapper and lead dancer are where she truly shines.She holds multiple positions in the group,

| FNC Entertainment

5. Jeewon (cignature)

Cignature’s center Jeewon (born Kim Ji Won) may spell her name a little differently, but she’s just as talented as her fellow name-siblings. Fans can’t get enough of her cute and energetic vocal tone.

| J9 Entertainment

6. Sunn (former cignature)

Surprisingly, Jeewon wasn’t the only member of cignature with this name. Former member Sunn was originally born Hwang Ji Won. Sadly, Sunn departed J9 Entertainment earlier this year, but fans are hoping they’ll get to see her rapping and dancing talents again in the near future.

| J9 Entertainment

7. Eun Jiwon (Sechs Kies)

Throughout his 24 years in the Korean entertainment industry, Sechs Kies’s Eun Jiwon has only become more impressive. Alongside singing, rapping, and dancing, he’s amazing as composing music and even television hosting.

| @1_kyne_g1/Instagram

8. Johyun (former Berry Good)

Before Berry Good’s disbandment this year, Johyun was one of the most well-known members. While it’s unfortunate that Johyun had to quit her original dream of becoming a skater due to an injury, fans can’t imagine her not getting a chance to show off her rap and dance skills as an idol.

| JTG Entertainment

9. Kim Ji Won

“Jiwon” isn’t just a name for talented idols; there are several amazing actresses who share the name too. One such star is Kim Ji Won, who became a Hallyu star with roles in The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, Fight for My Way, and Arthdal Chronicles.

| KakaoTV

10. Ha Ji Won

Interestingly, while “Jiwon” is the birth name of most of the stars on this list, one actress actually adopted it as her stage name: Ha Ji Won. Born Jeon Hae Rim, Ha Ji Won is one of Korea’s most critically acclaimed and versatile actresses, best known for historical dramas like Damo and Empress Ki as well as Secret Garden, Hospital Ship, and more.

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