10+ Tattoos That Show How Much BTS Means To A.R.M.Y

Fans use ink to express the impact BTS has had on their lives.

1.  BTS’s “Love Yourself” Flower

BTS inspired this fan to want to do her best in life. She tattooed this flower on her forearm arm are her best attempt at ending her cycle of self-harm.


2. Wings Logo

This fan inked her arm with the Wings logo, because Wings was the first BTS album she ever bought.


3. “Daydream” Fish

This fan got a whimsical, fish tattoo inspired by J-Hope’s “Daydream” song and music video.


4. “I will love them to my last breath”

This A.R.M.Y tattooed BTS’s name and butterfly express her devotion.


5. “I wish I could do more for them like they have done for me.” 

This fan tattooed the symbols for BTS and A.R.M.Y, and a heart on her fingers as a way to support BTS from afar.


6. “You’re my salvation, you’re my window, all I need is you”

This fan tattooed lyrics from “Best of Me” on her back, along with BTS’s popular butterfly symbol and a music note.


7. “Love Yourself”

This fan will spread BTS’s message of self-love wherever she goes!


8. “They made my heart start again.”

In this deeply personal Instagram post, a fan shares how BTS helped her through her darkest days. Whenever she feels lonely or depressed now, she says that she can now look down at her tattoo to see BTS and feel them with her.


9. “When tomorrow comes, the bright light will shine, so don’t worry.”

This fan tattooed lyrics from “Tomorrow” on her arm to remind herself that things will get better as time moves on.


10. V Portrait

This fan considers BTS’s visual king to be a work of art, so she tattooed a gorgeous portrait in honour of his beauty.


11. “You Never Walk Alone”

This fan got this tattoo to thank BTS for helping them through tough times. BTS helped the fan through a rough year of relationship problems, the loss of a family member, depression, and more. BTS filled the void in the fan’s heart and helped them find peace.


12. “Serendipity”

This fan tattooed words from “Serendipity”, which she feels is “the most beautiful song ever created”.


13. Jimin Portait

This fan expressed her eternal love for Jimin with his beautiful watercolor-style portrait.


14. “Go on your own path, even if you live for a day.”

This fan inked a motivational line from BTS debut single “No More Dream” on her forearm. It will inspire everyone who sees it to keep fighting for their dreams.


15. “Not Today”

BTS gave this fan the hope needed to keep fighting her battle with mental illness.


16. “This song means so much to me in many different ways. It has helped me cope with issues that I thought was close to impossible.” 

This fan showed how much “Spring Day” means to her by tattooing its lyrics, along with cherry blossoms and snowflakes.