These Ten Nations Are The Biggest K-Pop Stans Of 2019, Based On YouTube Views

Looks like K-Pop knows no borders!

Thanks to platforms like YouTube making it easy for idol groups to showcase their talents and really get connected with international fans, the number of K-Pop fans all around the globe is rapidly rising. Based on a data research of YouTube views done by BLIP, these ten nations have most deeply fallen in love with K-Pop and have been the most active in stanning boy/girl groups between July 2018 to June 2019.

10. Malaysia

10 malaysia
EXO in Malaysia

Malaysia takes 3.1% of the total views of K-Pop contents on YouTube, according to BLIP. EXO and GFRIEND are two of the many idols that have been to Malaysia to perform for their fans!


9. Mexico

9 mexico
NCT in Mexico

Mexico takes 4.3% of the views! Both NCT127 and Sunmi blessed K-Pop fans in Mexico with their recent concerts in 2018-2019. YouTube data also shows that viewers in Mexico watch a lot of BTS, MONSTA X, and NU’EST content too!


8. Brazil

8 brazil
BTS in Brazil

Brazil comes in 8th place with 4.4% of the views. K-Pop lovers in Brazil got to see BTS and KARD performing live at their concerts!

7. Philippines

7 philippines
BLACKPINK in the Philippines

The Philippines takes 7th place with 6.8% of all the views of K-Pop contents on YouTube. The Philippines is a popular destination for K-Pop artists on world tours. Recent concerts included BLACKPINK and WINNER, both of which K-Pop fans in the Philippines absolutely loved seeing live!


6. Japan

6 japan

Japan is actually tied with the Philippines for holding 6.8% of the views. With its geographic advantage, Japan has had a plenty of K-Pop artists visit for performances. Some of Japanese K-Pop fans’ favorite artists include TWICE and SEVENTEEN – especially with both groups embracing Japanese members!

5. United States

5 us
MONSTA X in the US

The United States came in 5th with 7.4% of the K-Pop related content views on YouTube! The US is on a steady rise to become one of K-Pop artists’ many favorite countries to visit and perform. Groups like BTS, NCT, and MONSTA X are America’s top choices at the moment!


4. Vietnam

4 vietnam
EXID in Vietnam

Vietnam is tied with the United States at 7.4% of the total views. K-Pop stans in Vietnam love all idol groups, but their most recent interests include GOT7 and IZ*ONE!


3. Thailand

3 thailand
TWICE in Thailand

Thailand takes 3rd place with 8.1% of the K-Pop content views. With many beloved K-Pop idols actually hailing from Thailand, like BLACKPINK’s Lisa and (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie, the nation’s interest in K-Pop is higher than ever! Thailand has had its fair share of K-Pop’s top artist performances, including TWICE and IZ*ONE.

2. Indonesia

2 indonesia
NU’EST in Indonesia

Indonesia is in 2nd place with a whooping 9.9% of the total views on YouTube! Jakarta has recently welcomed idols like NU’EST to perform for the local fans. Their love for all K-Pop boy and girl groups continues to grow strong as more K-Pop artists look into including Indonesia in their upcoming tours.


1. Korea

1 korea
IZ*ONE in Korea

And of course, Korea – the home of K-Pop – takes 1st place with 10.1% of all the views. Korean fans are obviously and naturally at an advantage, as most K-Pop idol groups and their agencies are based entirely in Korea, and most K-Pop related contents are released KST. Here are the 50 most popular boy groups and girls groups in Korea, as of August 2019!

Here’s the pie chart for easy visualization:

kpop map 2

Source: kpop radar and THEQOO
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