10+ Photos of TWICE Momo Showing Her Cute Charms

Momo is seriously adorbs.

While we all know TWICE’s Momo can be a fierce dance machine when on stage, off-stage, it’s another story.

She has just as many cute charms that deserve to be noticed!

So we’ve decided to share 10+ photos of moments when Momo’s cute charms totally ensnared us and made us members of the “Momo fanclub”!

1) Fairy Princess Momo definitely casts a spell on us!

2) We definitely aren’t “TT” after seeing Momo and her “Sailor Moon” buns.

3) We’d definitely want to board the S.S. TWICE if Momo was the ship’s captain.

4) We’re definitely in UwU mode imagining Pikamomo and Momo Mouse!

5) Even nerd Momo is a cutie patootie that we’d love to be friends with.

Bonus: More Cute Momo…just because!