WayV’s Ten And YangYang Exude Peak Sibling Energy

You’re going to want some popcorn for this.

WayV’s Ten and Yangyang exude peak sibling energy, with Ten as the loving older brother and YangYang as the younger brother who hates being babied. No matter where they’re at, whether its on their Enjoy The Show! series on WayV’s YouTube channel or a random Instagram Live, the two always find ways to clown each other.

Ten (left) and YangYang (right) | @WayV_official/Twitter

YangYang exposing Ten’s sleeping schedule:

Ten: I have so many pictures to offer you guys but I plan to release them maybe tomorrow, or maybe later on.

YangYang: Because he’s too lazy.

Ten: No, I’m not lazy, I’m just like…waiting for a good time bro.

YangYang: You woke up at like 5 o’clock today. Like, two hours ago.

Ten: Because it’s Saturday!

Ten and YangYang Instagram Live | NOAH MOON/YouTube

Ten exposing YangYang’s true nature:

YangYang: I’m not cute, I’m cool.

Ten: You know he always says he’s cool and then at the dorm he always acts cute.

Yangyang: I don’t, wait—

Ten and YangYang on “Enjoy The Show!” | annepanman/Tumgir

YangYang cringing from Ten being soft:

YangYang: Have you ever shown them your wallpaper? It’s actually like…touching.

*cue Ten showing his wallpaper is a photo of WayV*

YangYang: When you go to SuperM, do you change it [the wallpaper] to like, SuperM?

Ten: Nah, I love both. I have different good times but still all family.

YangYang: Oh my god…that’s like the cringiest thing you’ve ever said to me.

Ten and YangYang’s Instagram Live| NOAH MOON/YouTube

YangYang choosing to film Ten with his feet stuck instead of helping him:

YangYang: Let’s watch The Struggle of Ten. It’s actually funny seeing you struggle, like I don’t know why.

Ten and YangYang “Turn Back Time” bts | nctaezen/Tumblr

Ten helping YangYang open something:

Ten: YangYang, I can’t take care of you all the time!

YangYang: Don’t treat me as Louis!

Ten and YangYang on “Enjoy The Show!” | honeybubs/YouTube


Ten: I need to spend more time with my baby YangYang.

YangYang: ah, I’m not your baby, I’m 20 now!

Ten and YangYang Instagram Live | honeybubs/YouTube