The Most Embarrassing CFs K-Pop Idols Ever Shot

Many CFs are made with the purpose of catching the viewers attention and making them feel attracted towards a product, but some just go too far and end up becoming extremely corny and embarrassing like the following 20!

1. When SHINee danced for snacks

2. G-Dragon’s face cream that was just a little too cute

3. That one time Jaejoong wore a crop top

4. When EXO made an action film about chocolate

5. Before Naeun started acting for real

6. The first BTS and GFRIEND song that wasn’t a hit

7. When Dara was a Teletubbies character

8. Sandeul actually had a gold tooth.

9. SISTAR’s Sailor Moon parody

10. Yeo Jingoo’s Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

11. When IU tried on her mom’s makeup

12. Park Shin Hye literally grew wings

13. G-Dragon was a little too cool for LTE

14. Lee Joong Gi’s hair was actually not the worst thing here

15. What was Victoria even doing?

16. When Chanyeol risked his life for a drink 

17. SHINee did Kage Bunshin no Jutsu too…

18. JYJ’s stopped a concert for painkillers

19. BIGBANG’s flashmob at the airport

20. SHINee’s third one on the list

BONUS: Lee Soo Man invented cringe