6 Types Of Men That Korean Women Absolutely Hate

All women have different preferences when it comes to men, but according to a discussion on a famous Korean online forum, these apply to all women.

The post claims there are six specific types of men that most women will agree are completely off-putting.

Below are the things these Korean women agreed on collectively and the reasons for each point fully translated by Koreaboo.

1. Guys that talk like “gangsters

“We’re referring to guys that have a very crude manner of speech as if they’re imitating gangsters in movies…”


2. Guys that like to show off

“Doesn’t it feel like every guy has a little bit of this trait at least…

Up to a point, it’s cute but if it gets over the top I find that I begin rapidly disliking the guy.

The worst is when an older guy keeps referring to himself as oppa.

For example instead of saying “Let me do it for you,” he’ll say “Let oppa handle this.”

Please don’t do this E.V.E.R.”


3. Guys who swear a lot.

“If he doesn’t swear too much it’s fine…

But if he uses a swear word in every sentence it gets very VERY irritating.”


4. Guys without proper manners

This is a given no? No need to explain why right?


5. Guys without goals

“If a guy has no dreams or goals and just plays games and drinks with friends every day…to be honest, it looks sad.

I’m not saying hanging out with your friends is bad but if a guy has no plans you just can’t visualize a future with him.”


6. A guy who is overly nice to every girl.

“If a guy is overly nice to everyone a girl starts to think.

Maybe I’m not that special to him and she starts getting jealous and in the long run she may fall out of love with you.”


Source: Pann