THE BOYZ’s Kevin Constantly Proves He Is The Ultimate Beyoncé Stan

He’s her biggest fan!

He loves Beyoncé as much as The B love him!

The Boyz’s Kevin

THE BOYZ‘s Kevin is no strange to “stan” culture and has no issues showing his love for his faves including Beyoncé! Here are some of the ways Kevin has proven his status as a member of the Beyhive:

1. It’s never the wrong time to talk about Beyoncé for him!

During a livestream event, a fan held a sign that said “Kevin Moon x Beyonce When” and Kevin was very excited to point out that sign in particular.

2.  Jealous of fans that have seen Beyoncé

During a fan signing event, a fan explained that during one of Beyoncé’s concerts the singer sang directly to her and asked Kevin what song he would want sang to him. Kevin answered the question and wrote “What?!!! Jealous” along with the written version of a keyboard smash.

3. Tweeting His Love For Bey

Kevin has made several tweets throughout the years about Beyoncé. Most recently, he expressed excitement about coming to Dallas for THE BOYZ: THE B-ZONE tour date because Beyoncé is from Texas!

4. He never misses a chance to talk about his Queen B!

5. Making sure his members stay in “formation”

The other members of THE BOYZ know by now that Kevin’s love of Beyoncé has no ends. Jacob in particular has seen that nobody will ever get between Kevin and Bey!

6. He loves singing her songs!