Here Are All The Winners Of “THE-K Billboard Awards”

Congratulations to all the winners!

When Billboard announced THE-K Billboard Awards, it was met with extreme backlash from netizens.

The new awards show was promoted as an event aiming to highlight “the dazzling achievements of K-POP artists based on the Billboard charts.

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Fans immediately called out Billboard, pointing out that it’s entirely unnecessary to have a separate awards show for Korean artists.

Despite the backlash, THE-K Billboard Awards aired on October 28. Billboard’s president, Mike Van, explained that Billboard saw the event as a way of “supporting artists around the world.”

The business of music is one of the most dynamic, exciting, and fastest-growing sectors in the world today. And no brand covers it all better than Billboard. Since its founding in 1894, Billboard has been showcasing the most popular artists, albums, songs, and tours on its flagship charts. Billboard charts remain the gold standard for tracking music consumption and performance and are the ultimate authority by way of music data for the industry and its fans. For over 100 years, the Billboard brand extended beyond a print publication to become a multi-dimensional media platform for the music industry, artists, and, most importantly, their fans. This growth offers innovative content, exclusive interviews, original photography, and signature live experiences.

As Billboard continues to grow, our collaboration with the Korean Culture Festival represents Billboard’s continuous efforts to cover the global music landscape. I am especially thrilled to recognize the achievements of K-Pop artists through THE-K Billboard Award event. Billboard is committed to supporting artists around the world, and THE-K Billboard Awards is a celebration of Korea’s vibrant and beloved contributions to the global music community.

β€” Mike Van

Mike Van also explained how they decided on the different categories for the awards.

THE-K Billboard Awards categories come from our authoritative charts. Awards will go out for Top Artist based on the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts. The Global Artist award will go out based on the global charts. And Hot Rookie is given to new artists who have entered the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200, Global charts in this year. As the music influence of K-Pop expands, more artists are impressing the global market from the beginning of their debut. We look forward to the performance of these artists who have made a spectacular first impression on the world.

β€” Mike Van

Here are the winners of the first THE-K Billboard Awards.

Hot Rookie Award

Hot Rookie is awarded to four teams of next-generation K-Pop artists who will lead the future music industry.





Global Artist Award

Based on the Global 200 chart, the Global Artist is awarded to the two teams that have received the most love not only from North America, but also from Europe, South America, and Asia.”



Top Artist Award

Awarded to the two teams with the most outstanding achievements [based on Billboard’s charts].”

Tomorrow X Together (TXT)


Congratulations to all the winners!

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