There’s A BTS Song That’s Perfect For Every Month Of The Year

12 months + 12 BTS songs = Best year ever!

Throughout the year, each month brings a whole new feeling. Whether you’re suffering from the winter doldrums or partying it up on the beach in summer, BTS have got you covered and can match your mood!

Since BTS are the kings of concepts and bringing something unique in each of their songs, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that there is a perfect song for each month of the year. Now check them out and see if you agree!


1. January — “Blood Sweat & Tears”

January is a month full of promises and at the same time, many let downs. It’s the start of a new year. Many of us make resolutions to better ourselves and to make the coming year our best year yet. Unfortunately, most of those promises aren’t kept. Although “Blood Sweat & Tears” may be about a turbulent relationship it isn’t hard to imagine a similar relationship between yourself and January. Like RM says, “there is ‘bitter’ next to your ‘sweet’“, and nothing seems to be more true for January.


2. February — “Save ME”

February may be the shortest month of the year but it often feels like the longest. After the promise of a new year in January, you often just feel kind of stuck. February isn’t a bad month but it also isn’t really exciting. From the beginning of the month to the end, it feels like you’re waiting for something to happen. In all honesty, it feels like you’re waiting for someone to take your hand and save you from this stuck feeling.


3. March — “FAKE LOVE”

No other month can make you feel quite like March does. March is the border between winter and spring, a time of waiting, and a time where almost everyone has spring fever! Oftentimes it will feel like winter will never end. Even if you’re someone who loves the winter, you’ll be itching for spring come March. You can pretend all you want, but in the end, winter is your fake love.


4. April — “Spring Day”

The sad melancholy feeling and yet uplifting beat of “Spring Day” make it the perfect fit for April. For many, it will feel like the true beginning of spring, with everything finally blooming and coming to life again. And yet at the same time, you have your own feelings of sadness because you know that springtime really doesn’t last as long as you wish it would. At once you experience the feeling of spring that you were missing so desperately in winter and you know that you will miss it even more when summer’s heat comes.


5. May — “Not Today”

Whether you’re in school or working hard at your job, May can be super stressful. You might be pushing yourself extra hard because you know summer is coming up or you may be facing school exams, either way, “Not Today” is the perfect song to lift your spirits and make sure that you don’t ever give up!


6. June — “Dope”

June is the official start of summer and it’s also the time to get yourself pumped for the summer season. You’ve worked hard through the first half of the year and deserve to have a little bit of fun now that the weather’s nice and going to the beach is an option! “Dope” is an anthem to all that hard work and never fails to make you want to jam out! So break out “Dope” when you really want to get excited about summer!


7. July — “Airplane pt. 2”

Now we’re in the middle of summer. You’ve continued to work hard, seen the results, and feel totally bomb! What better way to celebrate than taking a trip around the world with BTS and reveling in their success story too!


8. August — “Fire”

Besides the obvious reason that “Fire” goes with August because it’s so freaking hot out, “Fire” is almost like a last homage to summer. The song is a total party anthem that will leave you celebrating the last days of summer. And if it wasn’t already perfect enough, it gets you ready to take on the rest of the year by reminding you to always be yourself!


9. September — “MIC Drop”

After your summer you probably want something that will inspire you to keep being your awesome self the rest of the year. The funky techno beat and ridiculously catchy lyrics of “MIC Drop” will get you ready to take on anything!


10. October — “I NEED U”

Fall, everything. Fall, everything. Fall, everything.” October the leaves are turning and starting to fall. You see the end of summer and the start of winter and it feels both an ending and a beginning. “I NEED U” brings the perfect mix of feelings for this time of the year.


11. November — “Run”

November is a month that almost feels suspended. It feels like you’re heading straight for the holidays and the beginning of a new year. You just want to run straight for them even if it means repeating the cycle all over again.


12. December — “DNA”

“DNA” has a unique feeling just like December. The month is chock full of holidays that encourage the gathering of friends and family. It also a time that inspires others to give. So not only will you be connected by your literal DNA but it almost seems like the whole world becomes a little more connected around this time. Plus “DNA” is a pumping song that will keep you dancing through every family gathering!