These 3 Girl Idols Are Who You Would Have Fanboyed Over… 20 Years Ago

These three OG K-Pop idols are Suzy, Yoona, and Seolhyun from the 90s!

Back when S.E.S and Fin.K.L competed as the two hottest girl groups in Korea, these three members had fan bases that could easily rival those of today’s hottest stars like Suzy, Yoona, and Seolhyun.


1. Fin.K.L’s Sung Yuri

Sung Yuri, now a successful actress, debuted as one of the “visuals” in the group Fin.K.L and won the hearts of fanboys all over the country… even with her Sailor Moon style hairdo!


She was beloved for her fairy-like features, with the classic small face, large eyes, and pointy nose combo.

Look at the size of that monster phone!  Back to the 90s!


Sung Yuri looked great in different hairstyles, but this short-cut-with-beret look immediately became a trend.


This is from Sung Yuri’s early acting days, though it looks like it was taken yesterday.


2. Fin.K.L’s Lee Hyori

Another Fin.K.L member, Lee Hyori, gained immense popularity after her debut. She was unique, not only for her good looks, but also for her darker skin which was (and still is) quite rare in the K-Pop industry.


Fans absolutely adored Lee Hyori’s style that involved her signature straight-hair and hoop earrings.


The young Lee Hyori could even turn a pile of boats into a fine photo shoot set.


Lee Hyori’s popularity really blew up big time when she went solo and changed her concept to be more sexy.

She is indeed one of the top female entertainers K-Pop has seen!


3. S.E.S’s Eugene

Eugene has always been the face of S.E.S and she had the largest fan base of the three members.


Eugene was nicknamed “Korea’s Olivia Hussey” with her shocking beauty that resembled the famous British actress.

She looked great even with… whatever that is on her head…!


Always the center of the group on stage, Eugene was praised for her vocals too.


Eugene moved on to acting, but has not appeared on screen in a while. She appears on TV beauty shows from time to time to share tips on how to stay glowing.