These 3 Women Are Considered To Be The Most Beautiful Ever In Korean History

Over 100 years ago, there was a group of women called Kisaengs who entertained (but never sold their bodies to) high-class men. They’re considered the celebrities of today, and historical records ranked the top 3 most beautiful kisaengs who were famous during that time!

#3 — Oh San Wol

The 3rd most beautiful kisaeng went to Oh San Wol. Although it’s difficult to trace her background (due to her common name) photos of her stood out due to her beautiful visuals.

#2 — Jang Yeon Hong

Jang Yeon Hong was known as the best Kisaeng of Pyeongyang. She was born to a wealthy family, but her family’s wealth collapsed. She entered a school to train as a Kisaeng soon after. She joined a famous Pyeongyang Kisaeng group at the age of 14, and her name became nationally famous. At 21, she went to study abroad in Shanghai, and no one has records of her since.

#1 — Lee Nan Hyang

The 1st place ranking goes to Lee Nan Hyang, who was sent to study singing in Pyeongyang at the age of 12. She then went on to join a group of Kisaengs in Seoul. As soon as she learned singing and dancing, she shot straight to the top of her class. At 25, she became the leader of her group.

Bonus: Other famous Kisaengs who were known for their beauty

Yoon Chae Sun

Lee Ok Ran

Kim Nong Joo