These Are The 10 Most Popular Celebrities Of 2017 In Korea

These Are The 10 Most Popular Celebrities Of 2017 In Korea.

Gallup Korea polled more than 4,200 Koreans from ages 13 to 59 to find out who’s truly the top in K-Pop and Korean music.

The numbers do not lie and the results are bit surprising!

10. Lee Sun Hee

Lee Sun Hee debuted in 1984 and rose to the top as the queen of ballads. This year, she proved that she maintains her crucial position in the Korean music scene as her classic hits ” Meet Him Among Them” and “Fate” remain extremely popular with the public.

8. Im Chang Jung (tie)

Another veteran of the scene, Im Chang Jung kept his presence known with his latest release “We Were…” as well as last year’s mega-hit “The Love I Committed”.

8. BIGBANG (tie)

Tied in the respectable 8th place with Im Chang Jung, this might be the second best news BIGBANG’s gotten recently! Even though they did not release any new music as a group in 2017, the members individually still gave VIPs candy for their ears.

7. EXO

EXO remains a favorite among many, receiving more than 5% of the total vote. EXO’s success with songs like “Ko Ko Bop” and “POWER” proved their influence and popularity, capping the year off with both Artist of the Year and Album of the Year Daesang awards.


There’s no question that these newcomers to the scene are one of the most powerful groups K-Pop’s ever seen! From a massive fan base to multiple solo concerts, WANNA ONE’s year’s ending on a high note with their 6th place finish.

5. Yoon Jong Shin

A songwriter and singer, producer and CEO, Yoon Jong Shin’s music always spoke to the public’s everyday experiences. Fans showed their love for him and his 2017 hits “Like It” and “Yes” and he placed in 5th.

4. BTS

Both an international phenomenon and domestically loved, BTS placed 4th place with 8% of the total votes! Their year was full of international lovecalls and setting Korean records, leaving ARMY’s wondering just how they can top that in 2018.

3. Jang Yun Jeong

The modern queen of Korean trot, Jang Yun Jeong is a favorite among many Korean drama lovers for her sweet and loving soundtracks. With a new album released earlier in the year, she was beloved by many, especially those in their 40’s and 50’s.


TWICE’s adorable and beautiful members placed 2nd place with 9% of the total votes. It was a busy year for TWICE, with 4 rounds of album promotions and their Japanese debut, but the public admired their hard work and catchy tracks.

1. IU

IU is on top this year. From winning multiple awards to producing music for both herself and others, IU’s rise to the top seems to be only a stopover on her way to further K-Pop success!

Source: Gallup Korea