These Are The Most Popular K-Pop Idols For Koreans Under 18

It’s all pure math and it makes sense.

The numbers are in and popularity contests will have to give way to mathematical fact! Gallup Korea’s 2017 poll brought in the numbers and found out who’s who among the who’s who of Idols among teenagers.


MAMAMOO placed 10th due to the power of their summer album, Purple. Their refreshing concepts and ad-lib expertise makes every performance of their a must-watch! 

9. BtoB

A long time teen favorite, BtoB released both a full and mini album this year and rose to the 9th place with a stunning combination of vocal talent, rap skills, and variety know-how.

8. Apink

With concerts, festivals, tours, and three albums out this year, Apink was hot on the teenagers’ radars. Their upcoming solo concert sold out in just 3 minutes further proving their popularity.


The perennial teen favorite, BIGBANG continued its hold on teens’ hearts and ears with solo albums from G-Dragon and Taeyang.

6. Red Velvet

Red Velvet placed 6th this year in this age bracket. They received lots of love for each of their 3 mini-albums released in the year and their social media posts always gained lots of attention.

5. IU

IU, the winner of multiple awards and an inspiration to many aspiring artists, placed 5th on the list. What’s more, she’s one of the few artists to have loyal fans across the age groups polled, showing her music resonates not only with teenagers but people of all ages.

4. Wanna One

Wanna One, mostly comprised of newcomers to the scene, came in 4th this year. They’ve captured the hearts of many whether it be through music or variety show appearances. Fans are already anticipating even more success in 2018!

3. EXO

From full to live, to their special winter album, EXO maintained their position as one of teenager’s favorite groups. Combining their domestic and international popularity, it’s easy to see why they’re always a favorite.


TWICE‘s wide spectrum of music and variety show appearances has boosted their position to 2nd place on the year. With some of the most beautiful and talented members in K-Pop, it’s no wonder that they’re so beloved.

1. BTS

As much love as BTS gets on an international level, they receive a whole lot from their teenage Korean fans. Receiving over 25% of the votes, it’s more obvious than ever that they are the kings of K-Pop for teenagers!

Source: Gallup Korea