These Are The Only Idols Ever To Be Allowed To Perform In North Korea

Only the most popular groups of the time get to perform in North Korea!

Red Velvet has been selected as the only K-Pop idol group to perform in North Korea and are the first idol to perform there in 16 years. Even in the past, idol groups have not been the popular choice to be sent North to perform. Only a select few have crossed the border and shared their talent with the reclusive North.


1. Fin.K.L

Fin.K.L went to Pyongyang, North Korea in 1999 to perform one of their hit songs, “To My Prince”. This first generation idol team was also the first girl group to sing on stage in North Korea!


2. Sechskies

Sechskies also performed in Pyongyang in 1999. The group performed “Hunch”, which was a popular song at the time, but toned down some of the choreography to better fit the atmosphere.


3. Shinhwa

Shinhwa went to North Korea in 2003 to perform “Perfect Man”. By this time, the Pyongyang stage set had been upgraded and looked just like any music show stage one would see on South Korean television.


4. Baby V.O.X

Baby V.O.X was also in Pyongyang in 2003, and was the second girl group to perform in North Korea. The group sang “By Chance” which is an upbeat dance number. The North Korean audience was shocked at the revealing outfits and wild dance moves.


Meanwhile, in 2018, Red Velvet will be performing along with several other solo artists including Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Cho Yong Pil, Lee Sun Hee, YB, Baek Ji Young, and more.

Most older artists like Cho Young Pil and YB have experience being on stage in North Korea. These veterans will lead the new artists and the idol group to a successful performance!

Source: 1BOON
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