Here Are Some Things ARMY Wish BTS Wouldn’t Tolerate Or Perpetuate

These opinions come from a place of love and concern.

ARMY and BTS have a symbiotic relationship, wherein both are very protective of each other.

That being said, while ARMY are very protective and loving toward BTS, there are some things they wish the boys would stop doing. And, these things are shared from a place of concern — nothing more, nothing less.

1. Delusional “Fans”

These types of fans come in all different shapes, types and sizes. They are very rampant across various social media platforms (Twitter aHeM) and they practise f*cked up behaviours that shouldn’t be tolerated.

Now, this decision to not intervene themselves could be due to BigHit asking them not to, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions. HOWEVER, if it is their decision, then I think that they’re making a bad choice. Especially after all this sh*t floating over the head of Jungkook’s reputation, I wish they would stand up for themselves and stop tolerating and condoning the dumbass actions of these fans.

Nonetheless, I do understand that there would be potentially detrimental consequences, such as obsessed and enraged fans trying to get revenge, album sales and social followings decreasing etc.

But honestly, is their following not big enough to afford to lose those fans? At least they’d develop a healthier environment within their fandom. And they could potentially dial down the amount of attacks and invasions of privacy they’re constantly met with.

—Daniel Baker, K-Pop fan

It’s clear that this ARMY isn’t referring to all BTS fans, but rather a very specific niche who try to pit groups against each other or seek “revenge”. In general, ARMY is a very positive, loving group that welcomes new fans, multi-fandom, or not, with open arms!

2. Flaunting Their Bodies

This is more on BigHit, but still. The fact that BigHit made Jimin expose his abs and move sensually while dancing in No More Dream disgusts me. This is not to mention the fact that they lifted their shirts and thrusted their hips in We Are Bulletproof: Pt.2.

The sad part is that this is the lower end of the sexualisation of underage idols when it comes to the K-pop industry. But that still doesn’t make it okay.

—Daniel Baker, K-Pop fan

Again, this fan isn’t speaking ill of BTS, but rather the societal standards that make it acceptable to sexualize youth in the name of K-Pop.

3. Calling ARMY Their “Girlfriends”

I hate the fact that this statement practically condones every obsessed fan’s delusions and actions, as well as de-acknowleges a side to the fandom that is well…male? It was a terrible move on their part.

And yes I understand that they seemed to be dodging a dating question in America by saying that, but I still don’t like it.

—Daniel Baker, K-Pop fan

Although BTS is very inclusive and have even made statements about not having girlfriends OR boyfriends, this fan shares an interesting hot take on how calling ARMY their “girlfriends” could be invalidating to fan boys.

What do you think about these thoughts? Do you agree, and if not, why?

Source: Quora