6 Things BTS’s Jungkook Learned From The Hyungs Who Raised Him

Jungkook’s older members helped to make him the man he is today.

On September 1, BTS‘s youngest member, Jungkook, will turn 22. When he left his hometown of Busan to train in Seoul, he was just 13 years old. Jungkook’s six older members have been “raising” him since that time, and these are just some of the important things they taught him along the way.


1. Selflessness

In Burn The Stage, Jungkook talked about how his members helped him to be less greedy and possessive with the things he wants.

This taught him to be a more selfless person who can set aside his own interests to help others.


2. Compassion

Jungkook has always had a deep love for the people in his life, but he’s becoming more and more compassionate with each passing year. He strives to return the love his members and fans have shown him, tenfold.

Jungkook also can’t stand seeing his hyungs go through a difficult time. When they cry, he cries with them.


3. Speaking his feelings

In a vlog, RM said that Jungkook isn’t one to openly talk about his feelings or worries. Instead, he talks about his members’ struggles and does everything he can to help them.

Jungkook still favors speaking through actions rather than words, but over time has become more open about expressing himself, thanks to his supportive hyungs.


4. Outgoingness

When Jungkook arrived in Seoul he was so shy that he had trouble speaking in front of the camera and to strangers.


He also wouldn’t shower until the rest of his members had gone to bed.


Jungkook still has his shy side, but his extroverted members have helped him to come out of his shell. He has credited with being the one who helped him to be more outgoing and less self-conscious.


5. Perseverance

Some fans may not know that Jungkook nearly gave up his idol dreams before they even had the chance to begin. In a 2014 interview with Haru Hana magazine (Volume 22), Jungkook said that he had times when he thought of giving up and returning to Busan.


He said that Jin took him to visit his own parents, treated him like a real little brother, and helped him to fall in love with Seoul. Because of Jin, Jungkook decided to keep going.


BTS faced many hardships and hurdles on their rise to stardom, but all the members help each other to keep moving forward and never give up.


6. Patience

Jungkook has many strengths, but patience isn’t one of them. He loves to learn new skills but has difficulty sticking out long-term projects, especially if they require a lot of study.


In his Bon Voyage letter to RM, Jungkook talked about his own lack of patience and how RM’s patience inspires him. When Jungkook sees RM working steadfastly toward his goals, it makes him want to do the same.


Thanks to RM, Jungkook has been working hard at learning English, and all that studying is paying off!